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Gorgeous Web Design

We build elegant, modern, and custom websites for lawyers. All our designs use the most up-to-date and cutting-edge technologies so our clients offer an unforgettable first impression to their prospective clients. We design sites that convert leads to clients.

Effective SEO

Our SEO work is top notch. We only use white-hat tactics and produce quality blog and social media content that promotes your firm and improves your search rank position. We also do a lot of ongoing technical work behind the scenes to make sure your website is free of errors and always improving.

Successful Pay-Per-Click

Over 70% of PPC campaigns fail. Each year lawyers spend thousands on paid advertising with little results. One of our founders, Jeremiah, has been personally and successfully managing our clients’ campaigns since 2002. We know how to get you in front of prospective clients and increase your revenues.

Creativity + Technical Experience

With an aesthetic eye and thorough technical understanding and ability, our team will bring personalized attention to your law firm. We love working closely with our clients to create a web presence that reflects professionalism, yet leaves room for personality. We want to help you achieve, and keep, first-page Google search results for your law firm.

  • Founded by an attorney and tech startup entrepreneur 100%
  • 15+ Years of internet marketing experience 100%
  • Committed to customer happiness 100%

Why Us?


You won't find a more interesting, personalized, and effective team for your firm.

Jeremiah is an online marketing veteran who was featured by Tim Ferriss, a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author and entrepreneur. Jared is an attorney turned tech entrepreneur who has advised hundreds of small business owners and has spoken at top venues across the United States, including Silicon Valley and Washington DC. Brittany is an expert at building audiences through social media and online marketing who sold her past two online businesses.


First-page search results account for 95% of search traffic.

If you’re not on first-page web results, you’re virtually unseen. We recently ranked a DWI attorney in Brooklyn on the first page of Google in three months. When he contacted us, he didn’t even have a website. Recently, we successfully placed a personal injury firm on the first page in Fresno, CA in just two months.


We operate without a contract and offer a generous refund policy.

We’re selective about who we can take on as clients so we can be confident in providing great results. And we don’t lock you in with a long-term contract. We offer a generous refund policy.

“I am going to strongly recommend your company to other lawyers who are looking to design a site.”

Justin A. Okezie

“My experience with First Page was great. You guys were very professional and patient with my requests and the website looks great!”

Steve Taylor

“You absolutely can feature my website– you did a great job and you should be recognized for that effort. I have recommended you to every attorney who has contacted me. Thank you again for your wonderful work on my website!!”

Jennifer Mouzis

“People are responding positively to my website. It is a site I can definitely be proud of. Thank you again.”

Donald J. Matson

Our History of SEO Success


Search Engine Optimization. SEO. It’s a nasty word. And up until a few years ago we weren’t fans of SEO. Before that time, the industry was full of black hat marketers who dominated the search results. But in 2012, Google came down hard with first their Panda update, followed shortly by Penguin.

The two most famous algorithm updates in Google’s history changed the game. For the first time Google was giving a roadmap to SEO success.

The team at Google realized the best thing they could do was to give a general outline of what they expected in a quality website. In a nutshell, they wanted to end the black hat marketers who used tricks and loopholes to fool Google into thinking a site was rank worthy. Google began to teach marketers how to make a website genuinely better and then reward those truly good sites with high rankings.

After all, if websites improved it made for a better customer experience for Google’s customers – the people making the searches. It was a win/win idea for everyone. We were immediately on board. Our team recognized this paradigm shift in SEO would be huge for helping our law firm clients greatly increase their number of inbound client leads. We also knew there would be greater competition for those same leads so we had to be the best at getting our clients ranked.


The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google search results. According to research by online ad network Chitika, page one results enjoy a whopping 95% of all search traffic.


We recently brought on a new client, Mark, who never had a website before. He focused on DWI cases in heavily populated Brooklyn, New York where competition is fierce. And he wanted to be on the first page of Google search results. For anyone who has struggled to get onto the first page we’ve just described to you a nearly impossible situation. He would be starting with a new website with no domain age or credibility. His competitors had owned their websites for years and likely paid marketers for years trying to get on the first page. Yet we managed to get him onto the first page of the organic Google search results in just three months.

Look at the amazing results Mark is getting. There are 2,260 searches per month in his limited geography specifically looking for a DWI attorney in Brooklyn and he’s now the first result on google maps and on the first page of organic google results. His competitors are paying possibly over $100 just to have a single client click through to their site, while Mark is paying a modest monthly rate to retain our whole team of experts and developers to achieve thousands of monthly recurring views for his site.

How many thousands of dollars is just one of those clients worth to Mark? Every attorney has to pay for their leads, whether its their time speaking at events, networking, blogging, billboards, pay-per-click (PPC) ads, or SEO. From experience, we’ve chosen the most cost effective and least time consuming path to get our clients quality leads. We’re about simplicity and focusing on what brings real results. That’s why they stay with us, even without a contract, and why we happily offer a generous refund policy.

A long-time SEO client of our is a personal injury law firm in Fresno, CA. The firm owner had us build his website earlier in the same year. When we started SEO on the project the site wasn’t even in the top 100 results. In just three months time we had him on the first page. He was very happy and we knew we were on to something fantastic for our law firm clients. Years later, he still pays us monthly and we still work hard to keep providing consistent results for his firm.

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